The male gender has always been accused of lying to their female counterparts, “it’s in their blood”, and “all men are the same” the females would tell you. Every now and then a guy just has to tell a little white lie to get out of a certain situation with his lady. Well, we bring you ten frequent lies men tell even without thinking.

However, this doesn’t try to say all men lie…

1. I wasn’t with my phone

He probably saw the call but didn’t feel like talking at that point in time. He put your call on silent baby. hehe

2. I’m not like other guys

Almost every guy have said this to a lady at one point in time. This is the perfect lie guys tell to get what they want. It’s surprising that ladies always fall for this lie even after hearing it from a thousand other guys. *Rotfl*

3. She is just a friend

There may never be a frequent lie than this. What were you expecting to hear? That she is just another side chick (probably like you) Wake up from your sleep baby.

4. I’m on my way dear

You can equate this with ‘I just finished having my bath’. Sorry to burst your bubbles, he ain’t nowhere close honey.

5. My status (update or personal message) is for you boo

This one actually isn’t a lie; the only problem is that the update was meant for 6 other girls too, boo. You have got to see your name on it to be sure… even your surname and middle name might be useful at times.

I’ve gone half way and I can feel the guys saying “stop this man, you are breaking the guy code” and the ladies are itching for me to write the next five. It’s your lucky day ladies cos I’m with you on this one.

6. Uhm just stepped out the house now

Well this is the answer to “where are you honey?” Just in case you were going to pop up with “I’m coming over in a bit”. lmao

7. Was just thinking about you

This is in-built, every guy says this even without thinking, it’s just at the tip of the tongue. It’s as old as the word ‘old’ itself.

8. You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen

Omg!!! You know that ain’t true hun. Come on, you are not even close (except for just a few though). How can every girl be the most beautiful girl he has seen??? Just asking

9. Don’t leave me, I can’t do without you baby

This is the only lie you can tell when caught in the act. Hardly any other words to say other than this.

10. I’m not going to see or even call her again

In other words, I’m going to see her but you are not going to catch me with her again and I’d always delete her calls from my call log when you are visiting.

Busted!!! Busted!!! Busted!!!  Damn I can hear them screaming. But one thing is for sure, most (ladies) would still fall for these same words even after reading this piece. Guys would still find their way around and I just don’t know why.




  1. Thanks hey! I’v learned so much from these articles. They are all very important but I like ‘what a man loves in every woman’ and how to keep the fire burning in a relationship.

    It is funny!
    thank you!

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