The amount of sugar you consume is directly proportional to how lonely you are according to a study.

Researchers examined the results of Norway’s Mother and Child Cohort Study, which included 109 000 children, 91 000 mothers and 71 700 fathers, in order to see what effect loneliness has on the consumption of sugary drinks.

“Overall, our results confirmed that perceived loneliness was associated with elevated intake of sugar in the form of soda, cola and juice. High levels of relationship satisfaction, on the other hand, were negatively associated with all three types of sugary beverages,” the researchers wrote.

“Other aspects of social connectedness such as being married, having supportive friends, and having a sense of togetherness at work were associated with lower intake of two out of three types of sugar-containing beverages.

“These associations were statistically significant, even after controlling for factors such as body mass index, weight-related self-image, depression, physical activity, educational level, age and income,” the researchers said.

So if you consume much sugar, it’s likely you are lonely and having strong social relationships tend to come with reduced consumption.