Studies seem to suggest that the rate at which married women cheat is on the increase.

A 2010 survey conducted by the National Opinion Research Centre at the University of Chicago, United States found that the percentage of wives admitting to extramarital affairs rose by almost 40 per cent over the last two decades, though it also found that women behave differently from men when they cheat.

Also, another research revealed that married women’s rate of having extramarital affair is on the high. Researchers had 918 men and women fill out an online questionnaire on whether or not they’ve cheated on their partners and why they did it. 19 percent of women admitted to having an affair outside their relationship. Though men still cheated more, but the researchers were alarmed at the rate cheating was on the high for both sexes.

The study found that the most common reasons for infidelity include feeling lonely and disconnected from one’s partner, lack of communication, love and attention deficit, boredom, sexual disconnect or lack of intimacy.

Most women admitted that it wasn’t just the attraction of the other man who attracted them to cheat on their partners, but they were discontented with their relationship.

Another survey conducted by British dating firm, Coffee & Company also  found that women’s desire to cheat is on the high. The survey of 3000 people found that nine percent of men were certain they’d be unfaithful if they fell for somebody else, while a whopping 25 per cent of female respondents said they would definitely have an affair if an outsider pleased their interest.

The survey found that many look for love elsewhere out of feelings of neglect or when emotionally undervalued, and if sex becomes boring and predictable, women may wander away to find someone else who can spice things up.

Do you think that women are beginning to cheat more often?