heart break

There are some exes I really don’t know their whereabouts today and there are some that I still keep in touch with, so would I be wrong for still keeping in touch with an ex?

I understand many people still remain friends with an ex or some of their exes as they believe it’s okay being friends with them. Sometimes we have no choice than to remain friends with them if we share the same friends with our ex. Could this also be wrong?

Experts believe while wanting to remain friends with your ex softens the blow of the breakup, there are many challenges such as the feeling of emotional attachment that comes with it.

You might no longer be attracted to your ex sexually but staying friends with them means you may still want the emotional intimacy that you shared with them because you still feel they know you better than anyone else.

This becomes a problem when your ex moves on with someone new as you become vulnerable to getting hurt again. You feel the hurt of your ex replacing you with someone new if you remain friends with them.

You might think it’s mature and a great idea to remain friends with your ex but the truth is it becomes a lot harder for you to pull off if you remain friends with your ex.

So what do you do when your relationship ends? Experts believe the best thing to do after your relationship ends is to cut all ties with your ex and move on. Cutting all ties makes it easy for you to move on real fast and find happiness somewhere else. So when they say cut all ties, they mean cut all ties and that includes deleting his/her number and blocking them on Facebook. Cut every tie you seem to have with your ex.

You might decide in future to be friends with your ex but you should understand that period of separation is important as it ensures every romantic attachment you had with your ex dies down.

It’s easy to become friends with your ex again when every romantic attachment you had with them has died down. The period of separation is unique to everyone. Some might take few months to drain every feeling they had with their ex while others might take a few years, but what is really important is that you give yourself a period of separation after you break up so you can let go of every feeling you had for your ex.

So did you really let yourself heal before becoming friends with your ex?