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Social media is a global tool for bringing people together and sharing information. The amount of information that can be distributed via social media cannot even be done using other forms of media. And the reason is because the world is evolving, technology is taking over the world, and more people are embracing the Internet.

The importance of social media can’t be exhausted in one post if you really want to go about it, however it’s not all positives even for it. Like they say, whatever has a good side, also has a bad side to it.

Both adults and younger people use social media as a tool for engagement,  but concerns are growing that it may potentially have damaging effects on its users if not handled with some maturity and responsibility.

Platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram allow one share moods and thoughts, but sometimes, people do not filter these thoughts before posting them, forgetting that social media is a public space. This leaves room for abuse and other dangers.

These days, employers take social media posts into account before giving you that final call. This means that whatever you say or might say on social media can keep you from getting a job tomorrow.

Recently, I heard a story of a young woman who got fired after she went on social media to put her boss on blast for giving her a query at work. These things happen, so it is very important that we always mind the type of words we use on social media.

There was this one time I had a disagreement of some sort with a follower on Twitter. I used some words I didn’t mean to use, and it got to her the wrong way. Moments later, she was in my DM querying me about it. I felt bad, and it dawned on me that cyber bullying is also a problem on social media. There are countless women and men who have been in that lady’s position, and committed suicide because they couldn’t take it all in. Cyber bullying is real, and one of the biggest issues societies faces today. If we all learned to control ourselves and the things we say on social media, the world wouldn’t have to worry so much about this menace.

So yes, for all its benefits, social media does have its own dangers, which can be both to us and those around us. Restraint and maturity are the watchwords if we must engage in the use of social media. Every blessing can be a curse. It just depends on whether or not you use it well.

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