woman pressing her phone

Social media has been blamed for so many things (poor social media), and it’s now being seen as a cause of the rising divorce rate in China.

Experts believe that social media is wrecking many Chinese marriages. According to a recent report in the Chinese magazine Banyuetan, many married men are women are increasingly using popular social media like Wechat.

The divorce rate in China is on the increase, and this has caused concern for the government. The past year, there was one divorce for every four new marriages.

Banyuetan reports that the number of men that use social media to contact their mistress have increased to 20%.

However, not everyone agrees to the magazine’s report that social media is killing marriages. The Beijing News however lamented the only thing that kills marriage is “loss of love.” If a marriage is happy, it will not cause loneliness,” the newspaper said. “If anything, the popularity of social media is partly the result of unhappy marriages.”

Also, a report in China National Radio meanwhile blames it on human rather than social media. The rise in the divorce rate, as a social phenomenon, has been caused by humans, not electronic tools,” the report stated.

Do you think social media can or should be blamed for an increase in divorce rate?