So You Are Thinking of Going to France?

France is a popular vacation destination for many people. Whenever people start considering heading on over to Europe for a week or so, France is always high on the list. However, there are some things that you have to be aware of that will make your trip go much smoother. Keep these things in mind while you are flying over and be prepared as you step down from the plane.

Soda Is Not Common

In most places, soda is a pretty common drink to have with your meals. In France, not so much. More people are likely to have wine instead. Plus, they don’t really believe in ice. All of your drinks are going to be served at room temperature. If you like to drink Coke or Pepsi, just be ready for them to bring it to you warm. In addition, it will be much more expensive than you are used to. You might want to just drink water while you are there instead.

Skinny Jeans Are In Style There

Imagine looking out your window and seeing a sea of men wearing skinny jeans. While it is perhaps the least manly look that a person can come up with, it is the norm in France. It used to be that men would try to hide the fact that they had skinny chicken legs, but now it seems they want to emphasize it instead.

The Language Is a Barrier

Walking around Paris, you will have a difficult time communicating with most if you don’t speak French. Plus, you know the common theme that French people are a bit on the rude side? It would be best if you had a way to communicate. For this reason, professional French translation services are better to have at your disposal than trying to wing it. Whether you are travelling around France or even talking to someone on the phone or through email, having a translator makes everything easier.

Walking in Paris Is the Way to Go

To say the driving in Paris is insane is an understatement. There are basically no rules. If you have ever seen those Mad Max movies, then this should give you a good idea of what to expect. Save yourself the trouble and just walk wherever you go. If you need to, you can always get an Uber to take you places farther away.