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A study has found that smoking a type of cannabis called skunk can cause significant damage to the brain. The researchers found that people who smoke cannabis had signs of greater damage to the biggest ‘tract’ of white matter.

This area of the brain – the corpus callosum – carries signals between the brain’s left and right sides. Damage to the corpus callosum can lead to mental illness and psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations.

“We found that frequent use of high-potency cannabis significantly affects the structures of the white matter fibres in the brain, whether you have psychosis or not,” explained Dr Paola Dazzan, of the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London in a report by Daily Mail.

Dr Paola Dazzan also explained that damage to the corpus callosum caused by smoking cannabis was likely to make the brain less efficient because it slowed the flow of information across the brain.

The study was published in Psychological Medicine.



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