With cold and dusty environment comes running nose and catarrh or outright blockage of the airways, known as sinusitis. We all experience this annoying health challenge every now and then, and some people usually feel terrible and helpless when it hits. If you suffer recurring sinus problems, then you need not worry because I know a few ways to get quick relief without going to see a doctor.

The first one is something I have tried on a few occasions myself, and it works like magic. If you have bad sinuses, simply hold your breath and your nose together for about a minute of 30 seconds if you can. The moment you start breathing again, you’ll notice how free and smooth your breathing is again. The reason this works is because when you hold your breath, your brain feels there’s short supply of oxygen, and then opens up your airways to allow for better inflow of air.

The second trick is to push your tongue up against the roof of your mouth, and press down the space in between your eyes. Do it for a few minutes and let go, you’ll notice sputum trickling down your throat, and your breathing would be better too. Works like magic.

Please note that if your try these and they don’t work, or symptoms persist for more than 48 hours, you may have to go see a doctor for real help.