It’s very true that good men are rare to come by these days, especially with the growing power of technology and knowledge, but in spite of it all, there still are good ones with good intentions out there, looking for something real and true too. Of course, it’s not easy to come across the good ones; it does take some level of patience and care to do so. Finding the right one means taking time to look carefully at their person before yielding to their desires. It means studying their character traits before you open up fully to them. That way, you’re on the safe side too. Now, let us take a look at some of those things you’ll see in a man genuinely after your love.


* If he doesn’t make you do things against your will, it’s a good thing. Some men will pressure you into having sex, a keeper wouldn’t.


* He’s not all about the body. Does he talk about other stuff with you, apart from sex and related subjects? Does he intimate you with his life’s goals and plans?


* He’s not irresponsible. He knows how to separate play from work and stays focused on his responsibilities despite distractions.


* He’s not into anything illegal. Sometimes you don’t know if he is, and sometimes, you know, but it’s important to know, and if you find out he is, stay off. He will ruin your life.


* You always come first to him. He puts your needs and desires before his own. It’s not easy to do that for anybody, and that’s why it’s special to find someone who does.


* He doesn’t allow his emotions get the better of him. A man who cannot control his own emotions is dangerous when they’re going through a rough patch or angry moment.


* He saves. He who cannot save is a hopeless case.


* He knows your weaknesses, but doesn’t talk about them. Love is about tolerance. If you cannot bear one’s weaknesses , you might as well forget them.


* He knows your family and friends and you know his. This is always a pointer to the fact that it’s beyond the now.


* He seeks your opinion on issues before taking a final step. If he does this, it means he considers you important enough to confide in.


And the list is really endless, but I had to select the most important. And hey, it’s not enough to look out for these signs, but to know when you find them in a man, because sometimes what we need  is right before us. Also remember to be who you desire.