Hello everyone and welcome to this Sunday’s edition of our biweekly Elcrema Sunday Love Special. Weddings are a very important subject, and it’s an event that comes with so much emotions.

Almost everyone has had an ex; there are exes that you  just can’t stand, the ones you’ve probably forgotten about, and the ones you deeply loved. We would focus on the ones you deeply loved and had a lot of attachment to. Do you think it’s appropriate to invite such an ex to your wedding?

Drama and Shawn would share their opinions on this subject.


Well, I don’t see anything wrong in inviting an ex i deeply loved to my wedding, as long as I’ve completely moved on from her. Sometimes, people break up and remain friends, especially when the break up happens with mutual consent. Now, if people like this go on to find love in other places, can they not invite each other to their weddings? They definitely can, in my opinion, but there’s an attached condition to it.

If you’re going to invite an ex to your wedding, you must first, discuss it with your fiancé or fiancé, as a sign of respect and a way of showing that there’s really nothing more to it than friendship. If you discuss it with them, most people would ‘okay’ the idea because they know you obviously have nothing to hide, and if they say ‘no’, respect their wish, but just make sure you do them the courtesy of informing them first, because when you don’t, and they find out themselves, it stirs up unnecessary suspicion, even when your intentions are pure. Lots of marriages and relationships have been irreparably hurt as a result of such minor oversights.

So, if you want to invite someone you once deeply loved to your wedding, there is nothing wrong with it, as long as you let your spouse-to-be know about it. And if you tell them, and they do not concur with the idea, for the sake of peace, let it slide.



It’s not very often that you see people getting married to their first love or their first relationship leading to marriage. So this means, there’s a huge possibility that you would have an ex or a couple of exes before you eventually find the right person to spend the rest of your life with.

Some partners form this huge bond in a relationship that even some married couples don’t have, and sometimes partners like these end up having this strong attachment to each other even when they no longer have a relationship with each other. In a situation like this, inviting that ex to your wedding might not be a healthy option — maintaining contact with that person could also be unhealthy.

Marriage is a bigger commitment than a relationship, and you wouldn’t want to tempt yourself into going astray with an old flame. We’ve seen countless occasions where married people have an affair with someone they probably had something for in the past, and this doesn’t always end well.

The temptations of old flames isn’t one that you should bring into your marriage, and I feel that if you haven’t gotten over an ex, it isn’t healthy to invite them for your wedding or even keep in contact with them.


Do you think it’s really okay to invite an ex you deeply loved for your wedding?