a cheating man

It’s yet another Elcrema Sunday Love Special, and today’s focus is on cheating and relationships.

Cheating and relationships are two synonymous words; in the sense that a lot of the times, most relationship partners and even married couples end up cheating.

Many people have called off their relationships and divorced their partners on the grounds of cheating, while some have forgiven and accepted back their partners.

The question is: What should be the yardstick for forgiving a cheating partner, or does a cheating partner even deserve a second chance?

Drama and Shawn will share their opinions.


Give a cheating partner a second chance? I honestly don’t know whether or not a simple “yes” or “no” would cut it.

Cheating is a big deal, and it doesn’t matter if it’s in a relationship or marriage, the act is wrong because it’s a breakage of trust on the part of the cheat. Having said that, I have to point out that there are cheats who can genuinely change, just as there are those who cannot change no matter how many more chances you hand to them to. That is one part to the question of forgiving and continuing to be with a partner who has cheated, and there’s the other angle which is how the victim can handle cheating.

There are people who are very strong and can endure, forgive and move on from a hurt a lot easier than others, while there are those who just can’t stomach the thought of something like cheating; so these are factors that determine if you forgive or don’t.

Your cheating partner will beg for another chance to get it right and promise to be better, but whether or not they are really changed is an uncertainty because you don’t really know, you just don’t; so I think it bores down to your strength and willingness to move on. If you feel like you can forgive and give them another chance without feeling hurt when you remember what happened before (because you will), then, fine, nothing wrong with forgiving and accepting a cheating partner back, but if you think that deep down inside of you, you’re not convinced you’ve really moved on, and you’re not sure you’re going to live with the thought of what they have done, then, it’s better to do yourself the favour of letting that partner go. That is what I think.

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