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Hello everyone, welcome to another edition of Elcrema Sunday Love Special — a segment which runs every 2 Sundays and is designated to tackle and analyse real life issues which are experienced in both relationships and marriages.

A lot of times, we have seen where a couple gets married not because they choose to, but because they are having a baby… in other words, the child is the sole reasoning why they are coming together.

Is this advisable? Is this enough reason for marriage?

Read on as Shawn and Drama air their views.


Having a lovely and lasting relationship is hard enough, but having a successful marriage is even way harder. People fall in love, get married and still their marriage crashes later on; imagine what then would happen if the marriage is somewhat forced by an external factor.

The case of ‘what would have been’ is one common scenario when a man especially decides to marry a woman not because he’s in love with her but because she has a child for him. Would he be faithful to her? Would he love and care for her? Would he regret the decision later on in life? These are important questions that should be asked.

Also, the woman most times has an uphill task just after this; she also wouldn’t be too sure if it’s marriage she actually wants, keeping her man might as well be a herculean task… and basically, the life of the couple might change when the child is born; and the chances of it changing for the better is quite low.

A successful marriage entails more than two people just living together; there has to be love, desire and commitment to say the least, and when these are lacking then it wouldn’t just be enough.

In my opinion, having a child is never enough reason when certain things are lacking; but if marriage has already been the desire of both partners and the child comes then it’s a different story.

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