According to researchers at York University, University of Lausanne and Universite de Fribourg, having more sex leads to stronger relationships, a report on Daily Mail claims.

The study found that when couples have more sex, there would be much more affection shown in their daily lives, physically and verbally.

Researchers agree that a healthy sex life would translate into feeling more loved and a stronger bond between the couple.

Family and marriage therapist Amanda Pasciucco said as quoted on Daily Mail: “sex makes you happier, it lifts your endorphin levels by putting more dopamine and oxytocin into your brain.

“If you have sex with your partner, it makes you feel happier and closer to them. Having sex is the best way to get intimacy with a partner. Especially talking about it before and after.”

This intimacy translates outside of the bedroom, as the study showed.

Sex therapist Dr Roger Libby said as quoted on Daily Mail: “In an intimate relationship, affection is the glue that holds everything together. It’s healthy and essential to be affectionate.”

Sex therapist Jacqueline Mendez said as quoted on Daily Mail: “couples that are more intimate have less arguments and are willing to support each other, even when they disagree. They have more unconditional love, which strengthens their parenting if they have kids.

“Not having sex really can affect a person. Men often say it disturbs their work day, knowing they would come home and be rejected. For women, it can damage their self-esteem.

“When the issue of sex is solved, it eliminates this hurt from rejection.”