There’s always that crave for a lasting relationship, for a successful marriage and for a beautiful union with your partner. But as much as these things are craved for, it’s still very absent in many relationships and marriage.

Yahoo News talked with relationship coach Tara Caffelle, who revealed a secret about lasting relationships and marriage, and she maintained that every successful relationship and marriage is born out of true friendship among both partners.

Tara said: “Couples who are friends, who have a lasting friendship, who deeply care about each other as people, not just sexual partners to be married to, when they have this deeper basis, everybody benefits.

“Their relationship lasts, it’s more enduring and durable and fulfilling for both of them.”

She also revealed that when a relationship is built primarily on sex or the idea that partners can’t serve in multiple roles, it doesn’t have much to fall back on when things get tough. But for two people who can switch between spouse/partner and friend, there’s a deeper level of intimacy and trust that holds them together.

Tara added: “We have different friends for different needs, but the base of it is that our spouse should be one of our dearest friends; we should be building our relationship on a strong friendship foundation.

“And I would actually say that we need to have external best friends, as well, to keep it balanced and to keep ourselves well-rounded.”