I’ve seen people double date a whole lot. Double dating is dating two people at the same time, taking them both seriously and loving both as well. But does it really make sense? Why do people even double date? What’s the gain in double dating? These are the questions and many more that enter my mind as I write this piece.

Double dating does nothing but reveal so many negative things about you and I’m in a good mood to reveal all its meanings. First, it only shows you are a confused person. How can you sincerely tell yourself that you love two people? Wow, maybe you have a very large heart, or so I guess. Double dating just shows that you are a poor decision maker; you can’t make a simple decision of choosing who you want in your life. Well, I’d rather date a lady that play games than a double dater; at the least the player knows what he/she wants than the confused double dater.

Double dating also shows that you are insincere; you tell two people that you love them and you feel no guilt about it; you are insincere and should never be trusted. Telling people you love them at the same time really doesn’t speak well of you. You can’t be confused about love; you are just insincere and don’t want to tell yourself the truth.

Double dating just defines you as a greedy person; you want to eat your cake and have it. You see two amazing people and want them both for yourself; you want two people to love you at the same time; that really shows how greedy you are. You are what you do and double dating doesn’t show anything but greed on your part.

Double dating also shows that you don’t care about the emotions of others. If you care about the emotions of others, you wouldn’t lie and deceive them. That just shows that you are uncaring. Just imagine if they both find out that you are also with someone else; how do you think they would feel. Your acts would only make them feel hurt and dejected; it would leave them emotionally drained.

You are a product of your imagination which results in your action and double dating doesn’t show anything good about you. Be sincere and keep just one partner.