Communication is the same everywhere; marriage, dating or otherwise, it means the same thing. Communication is simply passing information across from one person to another. It is a very important and necessary ingredient in a relationship, otherwise, it won’t work.

There’s no way you can survive a relationship with someone you do not understand, and understanding only comes from communication. Sadly, this important ingredient is missing in a lot of relationships today. Some even think it’s there, when it really isn’t; it’s one thing to communicate and another thing to do it effectively.

I talked about this topic on my show a couple of days ago, and decided I’d share it with you. Here are some things I feel hinder smooth Communication in relationships.



If someone is going to open up to you, then, they must really trust you. Your partner can talk about certain issues with you, but trust me, there are certain sensitive information that they’ll withhold from you if they feel like you can’t handle it or you don’t deserve to know. There are a few things that cause trust to be lacking in a relationship, and one of them is if someone is yet to get over something that happened in the past, and isn’t fully committed to the relationship yet.

Trust can also be broken in the course of a relationship through cheating, lying, etc. Your partner can become distant if they feel like you’re not committed enough.



Some of us date and get married for different reasons, but no matter what the reason is, you cannot afford not to have friendship in your relationship. Dating and marriage is about being with someone whom you can call your best friend. Someone you feel yourself around and someone who you play around with. If these things are absent in your relationship, it creates an emotional disconnect, and that hampers smooth communication between people in a relationship. Some people are in a master-servant relationship; how’s that supposed to play out? You’re dating someone you can’t be yourself around and bare your feelings to? There’s no way there’ll be understanding in that relationship.



The reason some people lack communication in their relationship is because they do not know how to set their priorities right. So you work 9 to 9 everyday? You’re always traveling? What about your cell phone? No matter how busy you think you are, your partner must get some attention if you want to keep your relationship going. You must find time out of your busy schedule to sit and have a heart to heart moment with your partner. It could be once or twice a week, depending on how badly you want to make it work.



For communication to work, somebody must be willing to listen. Sometimes, we just assume that we know how things are with our partner, but it’s wrong, you never really know unless you ask and listen to them talk. Without your listenership, there can’t be understanding, because you have to listen to understand.


I hope you learn something useful from this post.