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Seriously, I wish I wasn’t brought into this argument but Drama wouldn’t let me be. Both are very important in a relationship but choosing money over love in a relationship is like choosing a car tyre over a car; it only shows you don’t get the big picture.

In real life sense, everybody strives to make money; it’s the number one goal of every career person and it gives you that sense of satisfaction. But in relationship, the main aim is finding true love and happiness; that’s why we date, that’s why we get married and that’s why some married people get divorced (because there is no happiness). If you need money, go to the bank, don’t base it on your relationship else you wouldn’t find true happiness.

Building a relationship with money as the foundation is like building a house on top of mere sand; it won’t stand the test of time. Like in the movies, whenever a woman goes into a relationship or marriage because the man has money, she never finds true love; she never gets that desired happiness. Yea, you might want to say that’s in the movies but it happens in real life settings; there are countless examples, even sugar mummies not the least.

I want to ask the ladies one last question. If you go into a relationship with a guy because of money, what happens when he loses his wealth? Hope you know there is a thin line between wealth and poverty; it’s all in the mind and how you apply it to life settings. So if he loses his money, do you then fall out of love with him? Oh!

Money is just an accessory that compliments love and make it all sweeter but money is never the ultimate to finding true love and happiness. Like my dad would say; “he who has ears, let him hear”.

Now people, what’s your take on this?

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