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Money or love; which is more important in a relationship? Should a rational person even be asking that question? —isn’t the answer pretty obvious? What is love without money? Like water to a plant, love is the life in a relationship, it requires it to stay alive, no matter how little the quantity, and without that, it cannot survive.

When you have 2 people who are in a relationship, and claim to be ‘in love’ but cannot express their love and affection for each other, what do you call that? Isn’t that self-deception of the highest level? Relationships go beyond sex and chit chats; there are lots of other baggages that come with the territory. As a man, you cannot keep telling a woman she means the planet to you, and not be able to show her the same. For Christ’s sake, what sort of a relationship would that be? Even kids in high school know better. I remember back when I was younger, and in high school, I had a girl (the finest girl at school…*broad smile*), and we were head over heels with each other, and although I was jobless, and dependent on the little money I got from my family, I still found a way to express my love for her, not by mere words, but by getting her gifts (affordable ones)….with the little money I had. How much more a grown man? Come on!

Naturally, women have needs. As the man in the relationship, you should be able to provide some of these needs. I’m not saying become her full-time provider, but at least, be able to provide certain things for her (give her money to visit the salon, take her shopping, and stuffs like that). Even if she has a stable income; and is able to provide for herself, still; every once in a while, you should take care of some of her needs. It works for your ego; that’s what makes you a man, and it goes a long way in telling her how much she means to you.

Apart from the needs of the woman, what about the fun part of the relationship? You’d agree with me that without fun in a relationship, it is as good as dead, lifeless, and inert….now, how do you take care of that part of the relationship? You need money! You need money to get on that vacation trip, you need money to shop, and you need money even for little things like dinner dates. Will love take care of these things I have mentioned? So tell me, how then can love be more important than money in a relationship? Like my Nigerian girls would say, “na love I go chop?” Meaning, “Love is not enough for me in a relationship”. Love and attraction can fade, but with money they’re guaranteed to last even longer.

Abeg (I beg), my brothers, do not let Shawn deceive you. Getting into a relationship is not by force, nor is it compulsory, if you don’t have money, go and hustle, and when you’re fully loaded, go meet a girl. Heaven knows I would never date a broke man if I were a woman, God forbid! Who likes to suffer? Lol. I think the question of Love being more important than money in a relationship should never even be asked because without money, there is no love, and even if there manages to be little love, it will not stand the test of time.

Now read my opinion on this matter in the next page.

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