Where I come from, a lot of people would argue about this header; reason probably being that love isn’t materialistic, or that love is a matter of the heart. Well, it’s no lie, and I agree that love is an emotion. It is a feeling born out of deep affections and appreciation for someone. And I also agree with the part that love isn’t materialistic…only at first.

Love is a feeling, and like every other thing under the sky, feelings can change. Feelings can waver, and the only way to keep them locked-in is by keeping them refreshed.

Usually, the first time you meet a  girl, what attracts her to you isn’t entirely the size of your bank account, most of the time, it’s your other attributes like, your diction, manner of approach, composure, and a host of other things (things we can’t discuss now), that connects her to you. But along the line, as the relationship grows, you realize that you actually need money to keep the relationship alive and spicy. You will go out on dates, and you will have to buy her gifts too. Now all of these require money to be done. Imagine a love relationship without dates and no exchange of gifts…wouldn’t it be a helluva boring one? How do you put some fun in the relationship? How do you even express your ‘feelings’ towards your partner? You cannot claim to love someone, and not show them how much (yes, show them how much). If you love someone, you have to spoil them from time to time, in your own little way. This would go a long way in telling them you actually do care about them genuinely, and it isn’t just ‘lip service’.

Like ‘the average man’, while I was younger, I thought if you bought a woman gifts, and spend money on her, she’d take you for granted, abuse the gesture, and try to suck you dry. While I was right in my thinking, I failed to realize that while some women actually do this, there are lots of other women who would cherish and treasure such gestures. ‘The average man’ doesn’t want to spend on his woman for fear of being a ‘fool’. But the truth is, women don’t really want much…all they want is to be appreciated and spoiled no matter how little. Any woman who genuinely loves you would never suck you dry, or abuse your financial gestures towards her; she’d appreciate it, and try to return the favour .

Have you paused to think about why some of the richest men around always spoil their women with the most expensive gifts? It’s not because they’re stupid or foolish, it is because they love their women so much and they know that words would never be enough to express how much they do, so they use gifts to show her how much she means to them. Using your money to love your partner will keep her excited and happy, and she’d never have any reason to quit the relationship. You do not need money to fall in love, but you need money to keep the love alive.

In my little experience in life, I have come to realize that the reason most relationships fail isn’t because women are gold diggers, it is because these relationships are too normal, boring and traditional for them.

So to you, my Brother reading this piece, love your woman, appreciate and cherish her; not just with your words and body, also love her with your money because relationships are like flowers, they need water to stay alive; and If they do not get enough of it, they wither and die.




  1. “You don’t need money to fall in love, but you need LOADS of it to keep th love alive”. I do agree with the first part of that sentence although I refute the second part especially because of the ‘loads’ included. Regardless, a partner should be cared for in relation to the size of your pocket…

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