709A lot of men wear formal wears without really observing the etiquette that every fashionable man knows.

First, you can’t wear a formal dress like a casual dress, and secondly, it doesn’t just end at wearing a formal, it also has a lot to do with being fashionable in that formal dress.

Gone are the days when clothes were just meant to protect ones nakedness; now clothes are meant to make you look good. A highly fashionable lady once told me; “every time you step into the streets, always wear a dress that would make people say wow”; and honestly, that’s how far fashion has come. You can wear a simple dress out and still wow everyone — it just depends on how you wear it.

7 things every fashionable man should know before wearing a formal dress


Suits they say represent class and separate the men from the boys, but what’s the need of wearing a suit if it doesn’t fit you perfectly? A suit should fit perfectly; a well-tailored suit gives you a confident look, and passes a message of someone who knows what he’s doing, and a bulky suit doesn’t really pass the right message. Also, little details like an inch or less of your shirt cuff peeping out of your jacket sleeve matters a lot and is a good sign of tailoring.


Long sleeve shirts are the most appropriate for social events rather the short sleeve, and if you must pick a colour, it should be white. A man in white would usually floor everyone in the room. With a white long sleeve shirt, you can slip in a tie and look every bit of the successful, fashionable manager. As you should know by now, the shirt ought to be fitted. Whether you are tall or short, a fitted shirt is sure to be the most fashionable for you. A fitted shirt always fits.


The length and width of your trousers as regard your body size also go a long way to determining how fashionable you really are. The pleated trouser and the flat-front trouser are two fashionable kinds of trousers that are suitable for formal dress. The pleated trouser has pleats running down the legs of the trouser while the flat-front trouser has a sleek streamline look that tends to sit below the waistline. Personally, I prefer the pleated trouser, but it’s all about what looks good on you. Be sure to test both and choose what’s best on you, and a black trouser is a must.


Your formal wear is just as good as your shoes; you can wear everything you may want, but if your shoes are terrible then your dress would as well be terrible. The Oxfords, Monk strap, Derby’s and Loafers are probably the best shoes for a formal dress.


There are two major rules to wearing a formal belt — the colour of your belt should match with the colour of your shoes, and the bigger the head of the belt, the less formal it is.


Watch is one of those accessories that make you feel complete. It’s important to note that not all kinds of watches are suitable for a formal dress; leather strap watches and a classic stainless steel watch are the most appropriate for a formal wear. Sports watch, watches with big heads and unnecessary blings are more suitable for casual wears than for formal wears and events.


This is one part where lots of men make mistakes in their fashion. The thin dress socks are what should be worn with your formal dress not the thick sports socks. Also, it’s very unfashionable if any part of your leg gets to show when seated in a formal gathering.


Now you can wear that formal dress with confidence.