If you are so hungry and you are asked to choose between a delicious meal and s*x, which would you go for? The natural thing to go for should be the food but a study published in the journal Nature thinks men would prefer to starve and have s*x. Wow.

So how did the researchers from the UK arrive at this conclusion?

The researchers examined two sexes of nematode worms, male and hermaphrodite, essentially “modified females” that produce their own sperm and don’t need any males to reproduce.

The researchers found that the brains of the male worms contained a pair of neurons called MCMs or “mystery cells of the male” and the hermaphrodite worms lacked MCMs in their brains.

The presence of these neurons in the brains of the males and its absence in the brains of the female is the reason for the difference in sexual behaviour between both sexes.

The researchers first separated the worms by sex and put them in the presence of salt, and then deprived the worms of food. Then, they placed them in a new environment, this one also containing salt. The researchers observed both sexes moved away from the salt because they had learned to see salt as a sign of starvation to come.

The behaviour of the male worms changed when the researchers starved the worms in the presence of salt and potential sexual partners. The researchers observed that the male worms moved toward the salt and closer to sexual partners suggesting that their love of sex was greater than their love of not starving.

The hermaphrodite worms however still moved away from the salt because they fancied food over sex. When the researchers surgically removed the males’ MCMs, they no longer preferred to starve for the sake of meeting sexual partners.

Although, so far, the neurons have only been found in the brains of nematode worms, researchers say that similar neurons and sex-to-food preferences are at work in humans, too.

So do you agree with the researchers that males are wired to starve themselves for s*x?