man watching porn

You’ve probably read a number of posts that told you that there is nothing wrong with jerking off. In fact, most people would tell you that you stand to gain more from engaging in the act than not. The truth remains that as ‘harmless’ as it seems, masturbation has the tendency to expose you to serious dangers, both physically and emotionally. Take a look at the following, and maybe you’ll understand my reasons.

1. Masturbation can ruin your relationship and marriage. When you masturbate too much, you get addicted to it over time; you tend to even like it more than real sex, thereby harming your sex life with your partner. There’s also the possibility that your partner wouldn’t be comfortable with the thought that they’re seeing someone who prefers pleasing themselves than to be with them.

2. It can hurt your social life. People who masturbate so much rarely spend time with other people. They’d rather be alone, as it affords them the opportunity to do whatever they want. And when they manage to mingle, they make abrupt exits.

3. Masturbation can make your penis look awful. The more you masturbate, the more you subject your penis to stress, and that would cause it to have more veins on it. Not too many women find a vein-filled penis attractive.

4. As a woman, you risk getting infections when you masturbate. Due to the nature of the female organ, it’s easy for one to get an infection if the object or finger being inserted in there isn’t germ- free.

6. If you masturbate as a virgin, you can lose your virginity. You don’t want to do that, trust me.

7. It’s not been medically proven, but there have been stories about men who suffer premature ejaculation because of excessive masturbation.


Quit and avoid jerking off today. Better to wait for the real deal than suffer on the long run.