I’m no guru or expert in relationships but I think I know a thing or two that people do wrong in relationships. People enter into genuine relationships to find joy and happiness from that special someone but most times it eventually ends up with scars and dents in the heart. Many relationships end even before it starts without the couple knowing. Below are just a few useful tips that can help people strengthen their relationship ties.

I’ve seen people argue a lot on who should show more love to make a relationship last; the ladies would easily say the guys should love a bit more and vice versa. Some even equate it with percentage; maybe the guys should love 80% and the ladies 50 or 60%, so that the guy would value his lady a bit more. You want to know my take on that; it’s utter BULLSH*T. That’s an example of a relationship that has ended even before the beginning of it. What’s wrong with both people SINCERELY loving each other 100%? Well, different strokes they say for different folks. But I assure you, if you follow the former example rather than the latter, you are reaching for a dead-end.

Another thing I’ve noticed is how predictable couples are; what the hell happened to spontaneity? To me, the more unpredictable, the better. Relationships become a total bore when spouses are predictable. Change routine every now and then, change pet names, always keep the other spouse wondering about what you are going to do next. It makes the relationship sweeter and more intriguing than a game on play station. Do the unusual.

You want to know the next thing—– FRIENDS. Don’t get this wrong, friends are good (depends on whom you call friend though) but when it comes to relationship they are spoilers even without them knowing. Their advice can do a lot of harm to your relationship. Be careful of whom you take counsel.

Contrary to popular belief, never call your man hundred times a day (what the hell are you thinking? Is he 911?). He may love you sincerely but those calls could be irritating at times. Don’t be surprised if he comes back home one day with a smashed phone screen (hehe, it’s all you sweetie). Excessive phone calls could be a bit irritating.

Giving each other gifts is one of the best tips anybody can give you. And this is where many couples have a fault. You don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day, birthdays or anniversaries. Just give a gift to appreciate your partner (it wouldn’t kill you). Plan that odd surprise date (both folks here; not just referring to guys). I’m a firm believer of YOLO. And seriously, you only live once, so why don’t you just put a smile on your partner’s face rather than the usual quarrels and arguments (phew). The world is already a sad place, why make it worse?

Always dress cool. Don’t be a ‘I don’t care’ kind of woman or ‘an old school teacher’ kind of man and expect your spouse to think you’re the hottest thing on earth (self-deceit). Always try to be fashionable (don’t get me wrong; fashionable doesn’t mean expose your body to the world). It isn’t a bad thing if the opposite sex finds you attractive (as far as you don’t…); make that count as an advantage. Always make your partner find you irresistible.

This is the point where ladies ask a lot of why’s and I’m way too clueless of a tip to give. Why do guys cheat? That question is as old as the earth itself. A man can love his lady so much and still cheat with ease.  Anyways just visit your nearest spiritualist for remedy (kidding). Well, I feel only a woman can know what to do to keep her man. You ought to know your man well like simple 2+2. You ought to know his strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes….every damn thing and know how to act accordingly. If that doesn’t work, then meet a spiritualist as earlier suggested (yet another joke).

This is where I call it a wrap for today. You can also give useful tips in the comment box below. You never can tell; you just might be helping someone’s relationship. Let’s make the world a happier place.



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  1. Nigerian women? buy u gifts? Odiegwu.

  2. This article has help me to change my attitude towards love

  3. In this game call love, man will always be man and woman will always be woman. Never change ya position for its a relationship not a competition. Respect each other

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