A wise friend once told me “there is no reason to love; when there is a reason then it’s no longer love”. I heard this statement over six years ago and it’s never left my mind ever since. This statement is deep; it isn’t just ordinary even though it sounds very simple.

If I ask the reason why you love your mom or your sister, you may hardly come up with any, that’s because it is genuine; you have loved them since birth. That could also be applied to relationship.

There should be reasons that would make you like someone; you could even like someone for stupid reasons and it would be alright, but love is way too deep an emotion; love doesn’t need reasons, it just makes you insane over someone for no particular reason, and you might just keep asking yourself “why do I love him so much”; it would make you even shocked at yourself, you would be amazed at how you feel. Little wonder Shakespeare once wrote “when love speaks, the voice of all the gods makes heaven drowsy with harmony”.

Show me a couple that love each other for no reason and I would show you a couple with a love that’s worthy of emulation. Most at times, we try to deceive ourselves, we tell ourselves so many wrong things, and we believe them and act like they are real, but only time would reveal to us how much we have believed in fallacy.

Love is never artificial, and loving for a reason is the most artificial kind of love I’ve ever seen. Don’t get me wrong, there could be reasons to like your man or your lady, those reasons would even make your love sweeter and the relationship happier; but when reasons become the foundation, then it’s like planting a crop on mere sand. Reasons can fade off at any time; reasons are never permanent, they won’t last forever, and when those reasons are gone, then loving someone becomes even harder than mathematics.

I always look up to people who love with no reason attached, they love naturally and wholeheartedly; they are worthy of emulation.

Reasons fade off, so loving someone for no reason is the best gift to give.

I’d end this piece with a quote from Shakespeare, “my bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep; the more I give to thee; the more I have, for both are infinite”.