sad couple

You remember that track by Brick and Lace? “Love is wicked” was one of those songs that rocked 2007/2008 and it was awesome; the song lets you unwind, relax and have a good dance, even if you are alone.

However, there is this misconception about love and relationships; I’ve heard people say ‘love hurts’ and ‘relationships sucks’ countless times, but do they? I’ve heard people say they have given up on love, that it isn’t worth it, but can we really agree with that?

People constantly heap blames on love and abuse it for all their woes, forgetting that there are two principals that make you feel hurt — yourself and your partner.

I’m on a rescue mission to save love from all the hurls of abuses and insults, anger and false accusations it has faced almost all through its lifetime. I can’t imagine a world without love; the feeling of love and being loved is one of the greatest feelings on earth. You hurt because you chose the wrong partner, you hurt because you didn’t do enough to keep love alive — you kept it at one corner and didn’t work enough to let it have its impact in your relationship and you still pour blames on the innocent four letter word.

Love is patient, love is kind, love is sweet, love isn’t deceitful and love is definitely not wicked, but people are, and that’s what hurts. Love doesn’t betray, but people do; love isn’t a cheat, but people are; love doesn’t leave, but people let it out of their hearts.

So, no! Today, I’m on a rescue mission to save love; we all need it, irrespective of who we are and what we feel are; love is there to be felt and love is also there to be shown, but it’s people who confuse, misuse and abuse the entity called love.

I’d end with a quote by Marilyn Monroe, “Have enough courage to trust love one more time, and always one more time.”

Love doesn’t hurt, people do.