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Is there anything like love at first sight? Is love something that builds gradually or can it just hit you from the first day? Generally, people tend to use the word ‘love’ easily that its real meaning has been bastardized.

What really brings that notion ‘love at first sight’? Is it an extreme attraction someone feels on the first day? How can you get to love someone regardless of the person’s character and true identity? Love is a big term on its own which I (and I’m sure other people too) haven’t gotten to comprehend fully; talk more of love at first sight.

Is love at first sight baseless? Or is it just a physical attraction that deludes the mind off its real thinking? Is love at first sight a mere movie attempt to swindle us off our money while exhibiting love in the most unrealistic way ever?

Love is way too deep an emotion that I don’t know if loving someone you haven’t seen before can be real; lust at first sight and crush at first sight are two realistic words but love at first sight just looks like a movie episode that tells so many untrue stories; well I wouldn’t blame them since movies are actually fictitious; they are just about who has a better story to tell and love at first sight provides a platform for telling that story.

Well, I had a lot of reservations about love at first sight until a couple I really do look up to in all sincerity revealed that they fell in love with each other on the first time of seeing and got married not too long after and trust me when I say their marriage is one of the best I’ve ever seen while I’ve even seen so many marriages that grew their love with time still crumble.

I used to have this terrible belief about love at first sight; I thought it was baseless and a far cry from true love until I met people who have testified to loving at first sight living their love life in the most exemplary way ever. In a world where lust at first sight and one night stand with illicit sex has become the order of the day, who would blame my reproach for love at first sight?

Now I think I’ve seen enough (even if I haven’t really felt so) to believe that love at first sight is true (even though I still hold some reservations). A while back, I wrote on what then is this love which really showed that I’m the type that also have quite some reservation about love and it’s not my fault but it’s due to what people have portrayed love to be; it was supposed to be white but love has been painted with all manner of colours.

I feel that love at first sight is something mystical or magical; something that can’t be explained with mere words. It’s a magical kind of love that defies all the definitions of love; one that not everyone is lucky enough to feel. But how then do we know the difference between crushing at first sight and loving at first sight? Knowing the difference is important because love and crush are like identical twins which cannot be differentiated at first viewing.

I have my reservations about love, but love at first sight is one I can relate more with (call me a weirdo) because it looks like love which has been ordained in heaven; that which will grow from love at first sight to a mystical kind of bond that nothing can separate.

In the words of Shakespeare “Hear my soul speak. Of the very instant that I saw you, did my heart fly at your service” and more importantly “love looks not with the eyes but with the mind, and therefore is winged cupid painted blind”.


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