There’s not really an open book and manual on how to keep a relationship going in the most peaceful and happy direction it should, as no one knows everything, and we humans are quite unpredictable and different. That said, there are of course, known ways or generally accepted views towards maintaining a healthy relationship, and keeping a man happy. I’ll be sharing a number of them with you.


1. Respect your man/relationship. Man or woman, we’re all deserving of respect. When we feel that we aren’t getting enough of it, we become uneasy. You know what your man loves and doesn’t – respect them.

2. Make him feel irreplaceable. The human mind works in an interesting way; the moment we feel loved and cherished above all else, we tend to let our guard down, and give the same back in return. Make your man feel exactly how you want to feel in that relationship.

3. Be plain and honest. If you didn’t know that honesty is the very rock that keeps a relationship strong, then you don’t know much about relationships. Without honesty, no relationship can stand the test of time. The moment your man feels you’re being untrue about anything, that’s the moment he will begin to have doubts about your togetherness.

4. Always have his back. He’s your man, you’re his woman; you’re meant to support each other through thick and thin. Unless he’s a criminal or does something that threatens other people’s lives, you have no reason to not support him. Help his work or business grow. Help him be better. Be there when he can’t be there for the children; that’s the reason you’re a couple.

If you do this and every other thing I’ve mentioned, I guarantee you’ll have no reason to feel unhappy in that relationship.