Some ladies have challenges with how they smell down there. It seems no matter what they do, they just can’t stop the smell down there.

It could be embarrassing when you with your man and you know you smell real bad down there.

Sometimes it’s not caused by the girl’s hygiene (though some cases have to do with hygiene) because she could wash up always and still smell.

Chances are that it’s an infection and it’s adviced you see your doctor.

Infections like Bacterial Vaginosis, the name for overgrowth of bacteria in a woman’s V-spot (you know what I mean), causes discharge that has a strong, fishy odour.

There is also the Trichomoniasis which is spread through sex. It causes a discharge that can also sometimes have a fishy odour.

We should note that not all cases are caused by infections as things like excessive perspiration, chronic constipation and poor hygiene can also be the cause.

It’s advisable you see your doctor if you notice a strong smell down there so you can detect the root cause.



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