Men lie, and so do women, after all, we’re all human beings. While there are a lot of women who don’t have to lie to get what they want from their man (even money), there are those who feel the need to sometimes lie, especially if they want something so bad, and their man isn’t immediately willing to yield to them.

Now, please note that I didn’t come up with these things, per se. I was having a conversation with a female buddy of mine, and she mentioned some of the things you’re set to read.

Here are some of the lies women tell to get money from men.



If you’re a man, and you have a woman in your life that you’ve had to borrow money to in the past, then, you know how this works. She doesn’t really want to borrow, she simply wants you to give her, but because she also understands that you may not give her if she asked you to without adding ‘borrow’ to the request, she gets a little craftier.

Most men are moved to give her money because she says she’s only borrowing it and will pay back soon, but those who really understand how this trick works will either not give her or give her the money, but won’t expect a repay. I mean, I have been in this position myself countless times, if you borrow her money, you wouldn’t really have the gut to ask for a repay, so it’s all gone. And if you do ever mention that you need your money back, she’ll most likely cause a fuss about it. This doesn’t just apply to people in a relationship; I’ve also seen a woman take advantage of the fact that some guy is trying to get her attention to rip him off.



This is another common ploy used by women to get money off men. This doesn’t happen often with the men they really care about; they use this lie mostly on the other guy. The moment they’re in serious financial need, and they can’t solve it themselves, they fashion out a means to. This is one of those means. She picks up her phone, calls some guy (usually the one she knows is the likeliest to yield), and with her best impression of someone in distress, tells him she’s stranded somewhere, and needs some money to find her way home. It’s usually something along the lines of, “I lost my some money on my way to… Now, I’m stranded at… Please, can you send me…? I’d really appreciate it.” Most guys immediately believe this, and send her exactly what she asked for, and others don’t, but do it anyway… For reasons best known to them.



Your woman has probably run up to you to give her money to complete a payment for something, probably a nice little dress she saw somewhere or something of that sort, and you obliged because you felt the need to support her because she made an effort at least by paying for half the sum of the item. However, the truth is, half the time they come up with this talk, they haven’t even paid a dime for the item, and want you to pay for it all, but you wouldn’t know. What they do is inflate the total price of the item. If it’s $50 for instance, they tell you it’s $100 or $80, and make you believe they’ve paid in half of it, and when you give them the $50, they simply use it for full payment. Sometimes, some of us men even go as far as giving her the other part too, and she ends up having more than enough. Lol.



This is probably one of the commonest ploys women use to get money off men. If she says she’s pregnant, and doesn’t want to keep it, she’s indirectly telling you she needs money for an abortion. Now, as ‘okay’ as that may seem, the reality is that most of the time, this is all just a ploy to get money. If you ask to go for a confirmation at a hospital, you’ll see it’s only a lie. But of course, there are men who don’t think in that direction, and would immediately give her money.


So those were some of the common lies some women tell to get money off men. Of course, I know that not every woman is like this, and there are those who get their own money through hard work and genuine means — that’s why I say some. And of course, this post is only intended to provoke laughter, nothing more. Cheers!