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I usually get confused whenever a lady is asked if she’s in a relationship and the reply she gives is ”it’s complicated”.  You are either single or in a relationship, there is no sitting on the fence. The ‘it’s complicated’ status was further popularised by Facebook and it’s gone haywire ever since. I have done a lot of thinking to figure out what the “it’s complicated” relationship status mean.


Check what I figured out below


Is it that you are dating a guy and he’s dating so many others that it made you move from ‘in a relationship’ to ‘it’s complicated’?


Or maybe you just got tired of the relationship.


Or you are in a relationship and then you meet another guy you like even more than your guy and it gets so complicated.


Or your guy doesn’t love you anymore and you are still crazy about him, so you just get confused and tag it complicated.


Or you are pissed off with his actions.


Or you guys just had a quarrel


Or on the worse side, maybe he got another girl pregnant


Or you caught him live in the act


Or the passion is no longer there


Or you just need a break


Well, I don’t know what you guys mean by it’s complicated.

I really wish you would get your acts straight, fix that relationship or get out of it.

Uncomplicate things dear; life is too short and complicated already to add more complications.



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