The famous question everyone keeps asking has to be: when is it okay to fart in a relationship? I know farting is offensive especially when it smells so bad like rotten food, LOL but is it really a nice idea for couples to fart in a relationship?

I watched a vlog recently where this lady said you should never fart in a relationship but if you ask me, I probably think she is wrong. The many milestones of any relationship may include the first date, first kiss, and first “I love you but if you ask me, when you first let it out in front of your partner is also a milestone.

I strongly believe that farting in front of your partner is a test of how far the relationship will go and you probably won’t be able to break the air if you are really not free with your partner. Being with someone you love shouldn’t just be about the sweet things, the gross things like fart are also involved too so nobody should go telling anyone that it’s unacceptable to fart in front of their partner.

There really isn’t any timeframe when couples should be that free to fart in front of their partners, but I think somewhere within the first year of dating, partners must accept that some of this stuff is going to happen. If you claim you love someone and hope to be with them forever, should you really keep even the gross side of you like farting away from your partner?

During weddings, couples vow to stick with each other through the good and bad times, right? So why shouldn’t you stick with your partner when they fart? Just because I feel couples should be free to let it out in front of their partner doesn’t mean you should let them inhale that smell always. I still believe you should still excuse yourself sometimes. I don’t know of anyone who enjoys the smell of stinky farts so I believe spouses must be respectful of one another.

Farting in front of your partner shouldn’t ruin your relationship and I want to end this by saying couples who fart together, laugh together, and if you can laugh together, you’ve got the stuff of a great relationship.

So why don’t you let it out now. LOL.