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This is another edition of Elcrema Sunday Love Special and our topic for today is about women and if it’s OK to ask a man out.

Does it have to be the man doing the asking regularly or if a woman meets a man she likes, should she make advances at him and probably ask him to be in a relationship with her?

In a nutshell Drama and I (Shawn) would throw more light on the subject and our opinions regarding this relationship question.


I think as far as relationships are concerned it’s okay for a woman to make little advances to a man she finds attractive but going all the way might not really be that advisable.

Morally, it isn’t wrong when it’s the woman that’s doing the asking out but it could backfire on the long run. Men could be lions sometimes, the prey they enjoy most are the ones they caught themselves and laboured for, not the one gifted to them easily.

Men are hunters, they love to chase and sometimes when the clock is reversed and they are being chased, they could take it for granted.

Yea, you might want to say that we are in the modern era and that doesn’t count, but it doesn’t mean that men have lost that old-fashioned instinct of valuing a lady that caught their own eye and they laboured for, not the other way round.

So my advice is, if you like a man, make advances at him but if he doesn’t deem it upon himself to carry on from there then he just might not be interested. If a man isn’t interested in you and he enters a relationship with you, that relationship would hardly ever pan out well.

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