There are hundreds or even thousands of things that you know or probably don’t know about your ladypart. Research upon research keeps revealing various things which we probably never knew about the female organ.

Your ladypart is a very delicate organ and as such much importance should be placed on it. People used to say what you don’t know wouldn’t kill you; I have always doubted the authenticity of such statements, but one sure thing is any knowledge about sex and the human organ is important.

13 things you should know about the vagina

1. Condoms can protect you from certain STD’s but definitely not all. Herpes and HPV can also be spread from skin to skin contact. If the skin of your ladypart can still touch infectious skin of the scrotum then that’s quite enough contact.

2. Your ladypart is like a bicep, if not in use it could be lost, though this doesn’t hold much till after menopause stage. If your ladypart is well tended then it could be active till old age even.

3. Your ladypart usually lets you know when something is wrong; so don’t be shy to see a doctor when you notice unusual things like a bloody discharge when not in your period, smelly discharge or considerable difference in consistency and amount.

4. There is no such thing really as a standard ladypart; if you feel yours is slightly different then do not fret; some just hang down, some are tucked up neatly inside, some are long, some are short, some are even, some aren’t. The interesting thing is they are all beautiful. You’re perfect just the way you are.

5. When aroused, your ladypart can swell to half its normal size. There is a muscular tension in the body when a woman is aroused and that tension can draw the uterus upwards causing more space in the length of your ladypart.

6. The clit isn’t only that outward part of the flesh that you can touch; research indicates that it extends down underneath the skin along either side of the vulva. However, the clit can be stimulated by touching that outward flesh.

7. The healing of a ladypart could take up to 6 months after childbirth.

8. If you lose something in there, it could be retrieved; nothing can get lost in there, the cervical wall would prevent it from entering your body.

9. Your menstrual flow is supposed to clot. As long as you’re not losing too much blood, small clots during your period should not bother you. Clots are just nature’s way of keeping you from bleeding too much. But if you experience haemorrhage or large clot then you should see your doctor.

10. Don’t fret when you experience vaginal farts, they are normal.

11. Kegel exercises would help you a lot. After childbirth, it’s natural to feel loose down there; kegel exercises are a good way of keeping your ladypart in shape. Kegel exercises are also effective in strengthening the surrounding pelvic floor muscles for better orgasms.

12. You know why the clit has a lot to do with your attaining orgasm? The clit has more nerve endings than any other part of the body.

13. What you eat is believed to have a slight effect on the way you smell down there. Foods with strong odours like garlic are believed to have a harsh effect, in the sense that it can translate to a smell in your ladypart.


Your ladypart gives you the leeway to experience things magical in your life. Once you own and accept this part of yourself, you can do anything and be anything because you have the knowledge.




  1. Wonderful advice I have never heard about this important organ of mine.

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