A Few Unusual Ideas to Impress Your Next Date

It’s Date Night! 

It’s date night, and it’s your turn to make it great. But the problem is, you feel like you’ve done it all before! Never fear, we have you covered. 

Whether you are going out on a date with somebody for the first time, dating somebody you’ve been seeing each other for a while, or taking out your husband or wife, we can make sure your date leaves feeling happy and excited to do it all again. 

Check out our ideas below for some fun ideas.  

Try Out A Trampoline Park

Do you and your date love to be active or athletic? If so, check and see if there is a local trampoline park in your area. These are the things we all wished for as kids-a room filled with wall to wall bouncy joy that is a trampoline. 

Some of these even feature foam pits for safe and easy falling. You can also sometimes play dodgeball at these establishments. Some time slots are for children and toddlers, so don’t make the mistake of walking in during those times.  

Call ahead of time or go on their website to find out when the adult open-jump slots are, and then take your date.  You both will love the experience of flying freely through the air and experiencing weightlessness. 

A bonus is that you will get some good exercise for the day and work up a huge appetite, so you can extend the date by opting to go to dinner or grab a snack. Tell them to wear comfortable clothes and get ready to have fun. 

Go Volunteering

The best way to feel great is to help other people out, and when you can share the gift of your time with people who need it, you will feel amazing. Combine this with spending time with the one you care about and it becomes a lot better. 

You can volunteer at an animal shelter to walk the dogs. You can see if any help is needed at a nearby soup kitchen. You can see if there are local festivals or fairs going on. Sometimes, these organizations need volunteers and will give a free ticket after your volunteering shift is over. 

Find a festival that correlates with something meaningful to you-for example, a festival that celebrates heritage or art-and see if any help is needed. You and your date will enjoy helping out and there will no doubt be some funny stories once it’s all done.

Do an Early Morning Date?

Are you and your date early morning risers? If so, surprise your date by telling them to be ready for an early-morning walk or drive. Show up with their favorite coffee in your hand and walk or drive to a beautiful place where you can watch the sun come up. 

This makes for a great day to start the day before the hustle and bustle of work, school, and family obligations. You can also take them for breakfast after if time allows. This is a very unconventional date idea, but early birds will love it. 

If you and your date are into photography, or are just amateur photographers, the photos you can take of a beautiful sunrise coming over the hills in your area, the beach or even the top of a city building are worth a thousand words. Because these hours are usually quieter than others, it’s a great time to indulge in good conversation, too. 

Keep It a Secret! 

If it’s your turn to take somebody on a date, keep it secret. Find a place you’ve never been before or find a new restaurant or fun spot in your city. Tell your date when the date is, but don’t say where! 

They will love trying to figure out what you planned, and when you finally get there their reaction can be funny or surprised. Just be sure to choose things that you know your date will like-for instance, going to a waterpark when your date doesn’t care for swimming should be avoided. 

This is also a great way to get your partner a bit out of their comfort zone-if they would never try Vietnamese food, for example, you can gently urge them to do so by making it a surprise date.

On the other hand, you can listen carefully when they talk about new places they hear about. Write it down or put it in your phone, and then plan on taking them there. They will appreciate that you paid attention to them, and you will feel like a genius for saving the idea. 

Learn Something New

Get together with your date and make the commitment to learn something new together. If you and your date are really compatible, you can commit to lessons that are ongoing, such as music lessons together, salsa dancing, or even surfing. 

This is a great way to support one another and strengthen your bond. You can cheer each other on if a skill to be learned is particularly tough. You will laugh about the mistakes you make along the way and feel great when you are done completing the course. Bonus points-you might even make friends with others in the class for even more fun. 

If you do not have the money for a class, try teaching your date a skill that you know. Perhaps your date has always wanted to learn chess, but they never had anyone to teach them how. 

Perhaps you love racquetball, but your date has never learned how to play it. Doing this is a fun way to feel great about sharing a skill you love with a person you care about, and who knows-maybe they too will get into it. 


Going out on your next date is going to be a blast. By trying out some new things and breaking out of your comfort zone, you can deepen your bond and keep things interesting. Enjoy the date, take photos and make great memories!