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Many guys are single and this is usually due to their inability to ask a lady out. No strategy seems to work for them and they end up single and frustrated. It really doesn’t have to be that way.

Asking a lady out isn’t as difficult as most guys make it look. Asking a lady out should be easy.

Below are all you need to know about asking a woman out

1. Your appearance matters. You should never go say hello to a lady looking unkempt. Make sure your clothes are clean and you smile nice.

2. When you see a girl you like, don’t be afraid to approach her. She isn’t going to eat you so you shouldn’t be scared of approaching her. Just saying “Hi” or “Hello” will do.

3. Now you have her attention, try to feel relaxed and make the conversation interesting. Don’t make the conversation too long.

4. Before you end the conversation, you should let her know you will like to continue the conversation and ask for how you can reach her. If she is willing to give you her number, that’s a good sign but you should be prepared for rejection because not every lady will give you their number.

5. Don’t call her a week after getting her number. That sends a message that you are unserious. While you shouldn’t call immediately, you should make sure you don’t wait for too long before calling.

6. Keep the conversation interesting when you call her. Try not to be too fast so you will be audible. Don’t forget to give her compliments and ask to see her again.

7. When you are with her, you need to gauge her interest. Is she making eye contact with you? Is she acting in ways that suggest she might like you?

8. While gauging her interest, it’s also important you don’t just assume she might be interested in you. So many guys think if a girl is friendly, she must be really into them. This is wrong.

9. How often she seeks to touch you is a clue she might like you. She might be interested if she’s constantly trying to touch you or finding excuses to do so.

10. Be a gentleman man and help her out. Doing this will score you points. Offer to carry something heavy, get her lunch or do something nice for her.

11. Ask her out for a date. You should do this when the time is right. Your conversations with her will let you know when the time is right but you shouldn’t wait for too long. You can tell her there’s a movie showing at the cinema on Saturday and you thought it will be fun if you both go together.

12. Some ladies might question you if you are asking her on a date. So many guys ruin it by saying no. You should tell her yes as it shows you are confident and you are sure of yourself.

13. Don’t ask her out on a date via email, or Facebook. It’s advisable you ask her directly.

14. Don’t be in a hurry to ask her to be your girl after the first date. Use the first date to get to know each other better.

15. You can ask her to be your special lady after the second or third date. It depends on the connection.



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