woman on a date

This is one important question almost everyone fails or forgets to ask themselves. However, everyone is looking for that partner that would sweep them off their feet and blow their minds off with love and romance.

It’s good to have a partner that would be charming and make you feel like the most deserved person on earth; it’s good to have a partner that’s magical and spontaneous, one that goes over the odds to put a smile on your face. But the huge question is: how many people really deserve to have such a partner?

When it comes to relationships and many aspects of our lives, most of us are wired to be selfish and have a sort of ‘me mentality’ that would cloud our judgements, needs, desires, attitude and even our personality.  Many people have a list in their mindset (some even in a diary) of what they expect of a partner and how romantic, loving and caring that man or woman ought to be. But how many can say that they have a journal of how romantic, caring and loving they want to be? How many people are really honest in what they have to offer to that partner?

For a relationship to be truly romantic or successful, a lot of it depends on both of the partners, and it’s unfair to think that one partner ought to be the romantic one, while the other partner should be on the receiving end.

Being romantic adds that bit of spice to the relationship; it would make love look more lovely and add an indescribable beauty to the soul of that relationship. However, it’s unfair to want something from your partner that you probably aren’t ready to give.

Every man wants a woman that’s romantic and every woman wants a man that’s extremely romantic; but the first question you should really ask yourself is “how romantic are you?”