“I’m healthy”, “I’m fit” and “I’m not out of shape” are some reasons some people give for having little to no exercise. They don’t see the reason to sweat it out in physical activities.

I would share eight reasons why those reasons are wrong notions to believe.


1. Exercise increases your energy levels; exercising would deliver more nutrients and oxygen to your body boosting your energy and endurance in return.

2. Exercising can make you happy; when you exercise or partake in any physical activity, feel good chemical endorphins are released in the brains and this would make you happier.

3. With exercising you maintain a healthy blood pressure and improve blood circulation which is as well good for your heart.

4. If you’re having problems sleeping at night, exercising would be a better option than taking sleeping pills. After staying active during the day, you would naturally fall asleep easier when it’s night.

5. With exercising you have stronger bones, muscles and joints and lowers the risk of osteoporosis (a disease in which the bones become more fragile).

6. Stretching exercises would as well help you maintain a good posture. It would keep your body limber so that you can stretch, bend and twist easily; it increases balance.

7. Regular exercising reduces the risk of getting blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases and cancer.

8. Exercising helps prevent depression and it’s also an anti-aging technique. Also, a recent research has revealed that regular exercising is good for women at the postmenopausal stage as it would help them reduce the risk of getting arrhythmia (a condition of irregular and rapid heart rate that leads to poor blood flow in the body).


You need to exercise regularly; it’s pertinent to know that any exercise or physical activity would improve your health and reduce your chances of getting several diseases.

Thirty minutes of exercise daily would help you enjoy all these benefits of exercising.



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