Scientifically, age is against women when it comes to reproduction, and this probably plays a major part in women’s desire to get married early. A woman is most fertile for reproduction in her 20’s and women don’t produce eggs like men who never run out of sperm cells. Women are born with a certain number of eggs which tends to finish by the time they are in their mid thirties to early forties.

Fertility aside, some men tend to court a woman for so long in the hope of getting married to them; some eventually get married, but some men leave the women afterwards even after 7-8 years of ‘courtship’, leaving the woman devastated and frustrated.

This brings to the question: How long is too long for a man to court a lady?

Drama and Shawn would share their opinion in today’s edition of Elcrema Sunday Love Special.


No length of time is too long or too short to court a woman, as long as you’re both happy in the relationship. If a guy loves a woman, and sticks with her, what does it matter for how long they court?

The whole point of being together in the first place is to enjoy each other’s company and support, so if you have that in your courtship I don’t see a reason why you should be worried about anything else.

I get that the ultimate goal of a relationship for most people is to eventually settle down and get married to each other, but then, you have to understand that if it takes him ‘ages’ to take it to the next level, there’s probably a good reason for it. If he’s good to you, then there’s no reason to bother. He’s probably stalling on that wedding because he’s not ready for the financial implications yet. You would agree that it costs a bit to get married in some parts of the world, so that could be a problem for him, but of course he wouldn’t tell you because he’s got an ego to protect. He may want to give you that dream wedding, but he needs to save up for it. This is one of the major reasons some men delay their wedding, and court a woman for long. The other reason is mental preparedness. Marriage is mature people’s business, so to get into it, you need to prepare your mind for it. Sometimes, it may take a while before you get a grip of what it’s all about, and finally be ready for it. A guy can love a woman, and still not be ready for marriage, it doesn’t matter for me, as long as you’re happy with him, wait it out.

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