Is it really possible to be overweight and healthy at the same time? This is one question that have divided opinions over time. Maybe I should ask you reading this, do you feel it’s really possible? There are studies that have said yes to the fact that it’s really possible and there have been those that still disagreed.

A study that looked at 14,828 Koreans and published in the Journal of the American college of Cardiology found obese people had a higher prevalence of early plaque build up in the arteries compared to normal weight people. It should be noted the researchers defined obesity as BMI over 25.

The study author, Yoosoo Chang had this to say”obese individuals who are considered ‘Healthy’ because they don’t currently have heart disease risk factors should not be assumed healthy by their doctors.

While the idea ‘Metabolically healthy obesity’ still exist due to the fact they have normal blood pressure, no diabetes and pretty stable cholesterol, it should also be noted that both school of thought agree that when it comes to health, there is significant value in focusing on other factors besides weight.