woman sad

Having a relationship with the same kind of person over and over again is likely to come with the same kind of consequence over and over again.

People complain a lot when they jump from one failed relationship to another and get similar woes even with different relationship partners. Many even go on to blame themselves for their partner’s inadequacy, thinking if only they have done this or done that or put in a bit more effort to change their partner; but in reality, the only mistake done was falling for the same kind of person with a different body physique and the same character and attitude.

Sometimes what could trigger you to a partner could be your undoing, this is why it’s highly important to look back at every relationship you’ve been in and ask yourself certain important questions like:

1. What made me fall for this person?

2. Was I more interested in that attribute rather than if a relationship with that person would be worth it?

3. Did I pay attention to certain red flags that could signal the relationship would never be a successful one?

Answers to these questions would help a lot. Many women fall for men that are womanizers just because they meet a certain appeal which triggers them, paying little attention to whether a relationship with that person would be worth it, and even ignoring certain red flags that reveal a relationship would never be worth it. When this is done, you might just keep jumping from one person to yet another similar person with just different names and in different bodies.

Have you been dating the same kind of people over again? Then you need to evaluate every relationship that you’ve been in, their outcomes, red flags and what triggered you to have a relationship with all these similar people. When you’ve found all these,┬áreevaluate what triggers you in a partner because that may be your undoing. It’s not bad to have a standard in a partner that you want or admire, but they should never come before other things that would determine the success of the relationship.