The world today has become such a superficial one. There was a time when people chose who to marry based on their attitude and behaviour, but these days, those things don’t seem to matter; instead, more and more men and women are paying attention to other details, forgetting that marriage isn’t defined by beauty and appearance.

If you’re going to choose who you settle for in life, always consider those things in them that the eyes cannot see, but the body and soul can feel because in a year or two, they’re the things that matter.

Never consider the following…


The body is never the same. Today it may seem flawless, and perfect, and tomorrow, it’s totally unattractive. So it’s not something you should give high priority when you want to choose a woman to marry.

The only reason a lot of men seem to be running after women who are endowed with curves is because they see others do it and they too want to feel special, forgetting that we are all different in our needs, and life happens to us differently.

If anything, running after curves in a woman can mess with your mind, and make it easier for you to cheat in future when those curves no longer appeal to you.


There’s nothing wrong with wanting a woman with a beautiful skin, but it shouldn’t stop you from seeing the good qualities in another just because her skin isn’t as great. The skin is on the outside, and that will not help your relationship in any way, but imagine you go for a woman with a good heart? Besides, what if that great looking skin gets all wrinkled by the time your wife turns 70?


I have heard men talk about how they love Indian women because of their hair, and I don’t see anything wrong with that. I have also admired them for their natural beautiful hair, but I cannot use them to set a standard for every other woman, or say I can’t settle for an African woman with a less smooth texture. If I did that, then I have no idea what I really need to have a lasting and productive marriage.

The same goes for other features like the nails. Not every woman likes to paint her nails. You can’t possibly run from a great woman because she doesn’t paint her nails, what if you fall into the wrong hands?

Marriage is deeper than a lot of men understand. It is not about looks; it’s about her inner beauty. Look for a beautiful woman by all means, but just ensure she’s even more beautiful on the inside.