A tie is a staple fashion accessory. Be it bow, patterned or straight, the amount of class and sophistication a tie adds to your outfit can never be overemphasised.

Ties have been around for as long as fashion has been a big deal, but not so many persons understand the importance of the accessory. If worn with the right colors, a tie can be the difference between you and the rest of the pack (in a good way).

Ties are available in a variety of colours, but I have come to understand that only a few colors are used by many people. Maybe this is to avoid making the wrong fashion statement, or its just sheer ignorance. But the truth is there are always different colors to choose from, and as long as you match your tie with your suit or jacket well, you can barely go wrong. Here are some colors you should try out.


This is one tie some people run from because of its brightness; however there are those who cannot seem to get enough of the red coloured tie. It is classy, catchy and eye popping. It can be worn preferably with black brown or any neutral suit. If you want your outfit to pop, the red tie is your best bet.


Contrary to people’s belief that pink is only for women, there are lots of daring men that wear pink. However, ‘baby’ pink wouldn’t be the best option for men that are afraid to explore, instead, a darker pink is advised. Darker pink is trendy, classy and tasteful.

Gone are the days when most men wore only a brown or a black tie. The trend has since been broken, and more men are exploring more in fashion.


A patterned tie is a beautiful way to bring out the beauty in your suit. If you have a neutral suit, and you really want to look fashionable or stand out at an event, just grab a tie with mixed colours and you are good to go.

Bear in mind that if you are going to wear a patterned tie, do not wear a patterned suit. That would be distasteful.


Yellow is a significantly bright colour, so yellow coloured ties are mostly worn to dinners and evening outings. However, if you are confident enough, and you want to stand out, you can wear it to work. The idea is to be different and stylish. You can also go for a more mellow type of yellow for work.


Green coloured ties are very uncommon, but you can be one of the few to try them, after all, the idea is not to follow trends, but to create one. The colour green is beautiful, although it is advisable to look out for a shade that matches your jacket’s colour. Be creative and blend wisely.

This colour will no doubt bring out the best in your suit, but you need confidence to try it.