I have to be honest with you, you can’t know everything about a woman. It’s almost impossible to know everything about a woman. Even my granddad before his death still didn’t know everything a woman.

So since it’s almost impossible to truly understand a woman, here are important things you should know about a woman

1. If you want to make her happy, listen to her pointless gossips.

2. She wants to be treated like a lady. Open the door for her, bring out the chair for her, and do the things true gentlemen do.

3. She wants to be the most important woman in your life. Failure to do this means you want trouble.

4. Never cheat on you. She might forgive you if you cheat on her but trust me when I say she will be wary of you after she found out you cheated.

5. She wants you to take her to great heights in bed.

6. She hates it when you keep in touch with your ex. She might say it’s okay for you to keep in touch but trust me when I say it isn’t.

7. She hates it when she’s the last person to know important things about you. Always keep her in the loop.

8. She wants you to plan a special time for you and her to show her that you care.

9. She wants you to always defend her.

10. She wants you to invite her to the places you enjoy.

11. She loves it when you join her to do the things she likes.

12. She hates it when you withhold information from her.

13. She hates it when you give her a reason to nag.

14. Her friend’s opinion of you matters.

15. She wants to know you always find her attractive.

16. She hates it when you don’t compliment her after spending so much time to look pretty.

17. She wants you to just cuddle her sometimes without initiating sex.

18. She won’t waste her time complaining about something you did wrong if she doesn’t love you.

19. Never rush her when she’s trying to makeup. She expects you to know that she’s taking all that time to look really good for you.

20. Never criticise her meals. If you feel she isn’t a good cook, keep it to yourself.