Love is a beautiful thing; sadly though, statistics show that an overwhelming number of people, especially young adults are afraid of experiencing it, either because they have had an awful relationship in the past or someone close to them has. For some though, it is for none of the reasons mentioned above, but sheer fear; fear of committing with someone whom they cannot really trust. But believe it or not, love is indeed a beautiful thing. It is a refuge for the lonely and depressed; in fact, love is a pool of happiness, and with it almost nothing can go wrong. To someone who hasn’t really experienced love, I may be “exaggerating”, but to them who have felt it, they know it is nothing short of wonderful!

Of course, this is not to say that there can be no drama and misunderstanding where love is; no, drama and misunderstanding may arise, but if it’s with the right person, love always conquers all. Love doesn’t destroy, it makes all things better, and to celebrate this wonderful feeling called love, five of some of the advantages it can add to your life, if you let it in; I call them five reasons why falling in love is a good thing.



You can get companionship from anyone, but you cannot get true companionship from just anyone except someone with whom you share a special feeling. You’ll agree with me that not everyone will be at your beck and call; friends may be there for you sometimes, but they’ll not always be there (after all, they’ve got their own partners), however, your lover will be there for you well enough because they genuinely do care about you.

The other thing is, love is a special feeling that connects two people even when they’re not together physically. When you’re with someone you connect with and love, although you’re alone, you’re never lonely.


There’s nothing as great as having someone you can share your problems with in your life; someone you can fully trust, and feel comfortable to talk about just anything with…trust me, it can be very relieving, and with love, you get this on a platter. Of course, you can share things with your friends, but it’s not everything that you can discuss with them comfortably because you’re not sure how they’d react or if they can keep secrets, but with a soul mate, it’s totally different; you can discuss just about anything, and feel at ease while at it.


We all have our bad sides and would give anything to change them…only if someone would be honest and kind enough to tell us about them. Friends will be friends, and are never gonna tell you the truth about certain things you do or bad habits you may have, either because they’re genuinely ‘scared of losing you’ or because they simply want you to end up doomed. One of the advantages of having a true soul mate in your life is that it affords you the opportunity to get to discover your flaws and work on them to be a better person. There is absolutely no way a genuine lover would keep quiet and watch you misbehave or wallow in a bad habit, they’d always call you to order (in a subtle manner of course) and help you be a better person because that’s what love is all about.


Sex is good, but love- making is even better! Love- making is also sex, but it is way deeper than just penetration; it is an expression of the feelings between yourself and your partner in bed, through sex. Love- making goes beyond the normal mechanical grinding and pounding, it is a connection of two souls. Sex is mostly centered on satisfying and impressing, but love- making is more about seizing the moment. It is the kind of sex you have, and when you’re done, you’re locked in your partner’s arms. It is slow, it is prolonged, and it is all- satisfying!


Imagine knowing that you have someone in your life who understands you, and who is always there for you. Someone you can share anything with, and lean on at all times; someone who helps you improve on yourself and helps you become better. Imagine the feeling of freedom that comes from knowing you can be yourself around this person and not have to hide anything from them. It just makes you feel wonderful about yourself, and that’s just what you get when you’re in love. Love makes you feel fulfilled; you feel big when small, rich when broke, and lifted during your down times.


So those were the top 5 reasons why I think everyone should give love a try. I believe we can all have true companionship, enjoy emotional support, develop and improve ourselves into better people, and above all, be happy if we have Love. Love isn’t perfect, but it is good and enduring, especially if it is with the right person.