4 Ways to Find Financial Advice You Can Trust

Finding financial advice that you can trust can be a challenge, especially if you are not an expert in the field. There is an extremely high variety of offers and options on the market, which can make the decision-making process intimidating and confusing. 

However, given that you will be undertaking this research in a moment of need, it is important to understand some basic factors that will help you find the financial advice that is right for your current needs. 

While some financial advisors will only aim at obtaining the best deal for them out of a specific situation, some others can be truly helpful. Let’s have a look at some key factors that need to be understood to find the perfect financial advisor.

1. There Are Different Types of Financial Advisors

Like in similar professions, some financial advisors specialize in one specific area of focus. If you are looking at finding a financial advisor to help you invest wisely, investment management representatives can just be the right one for you. They will be able to understand your finances and the right capital to invest. 

Moreover, they will be able to offer you options of investment on which you will see the most return. This kind of advisor is perfect if you are looking at undertaking a corporate investment as well as a private one.

If the need to find financial advice is linked to your family budget or to manage the household’s expenses, a personal banker or planner is the advisor that will bring more benefits into your life. 

They will be able to understand where you have been spending too much or if there are areas that have been overlooked. They will be able to plan daily, weekly, or monthly budgets for you family. Through this kind of help, you will be able to cover your costs easily and save for future projects.

Insurance advisors have a deep knowledge of property and life insurance products and policies. They will help you find the right one for your needs and understand what you should be looking at when buying an insurance package. Along with financial planners, these advisors can help you organize your future expenses and incomes. You will be able to have a better understanding of insurance, taxes, and retirement costs and how to manage them properly.

2. Credentials Count

The relationship between you and your financial advisor is extremely important. From this derives correct management of your finances, a balance in the household, and long-term peace of mind. 

However, there are hundreds of companies that offer these services and not all of them equally qualified or certified. When shopping for a financial advisor, you are entitled to ask about their experience and achievements. Moreover, some credentials are more renowned than others, and they can indicate how professional a specific advisor is.

Some advisors are cheaper or more expensive than others. While this is an indication of their experience, it might not always mean that they are more knowledgeable than others. Ultimately, it is recommended to have a face-to-face chat with you advisor before buying his services, as this will most likely be a long-term relationship.

3. Understand the Prices and Costs

Depending on the budget you have available currently, there are different options that can suit your needs. Robo-advisors are among the cheapest options on the market and offer an automated and computerized low-cost service. 

The fees are very low, starting at 0.25% and there is often no minimum requirement. Anybody can apply for a Robo-advisor and see benefits in no time. It is perfect for anybody looking at designing a retirement plan but is not willing to undertake a major investment.

Online financial advisors are a medium-priced solution that can help with a number of challenges. They can help plan the expenses of a household, as well as help you plan a major investment. While their fees are usually lower than their in-person counterparts, there is sometimes a minimum investment required to obtain advice.

Traditional financial advisors offer the best services on the market and offer a holistic solution to any financial challenge you might be experiencing. However, these require a higher minimum investment and their fees are costly. They often charge around 1%of the asset managed, but they can also require to be paid hourly instead.

However, this kind of financial advisors will help you if you are in a complex situation or with specialized services. They are also perfect for anybody willing to meet their financial advisors in person.

Overall, for ongoing projects, financial advisors require a commission on the amount of capital that they are managing for you. In the case of short-term projects or consulting jobs, they are often paid hourly.

4. Pay Attention to The Ethics

While it is incredibly important to trust your financial advisor, not all of them are willing to put your interests ahead of theirs. However, in this case, it can help to speak to current or past customers that were satisfied with the services received. Sometimes the number of qualifications and credentials that an advisor does not coincide with how willing they are to help you.

However, fiduciary advisors can be a great solution if you are a first-time buyer. They are licensed by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and they are legally obligated to care for your interest more than theirs. While obviously some can be more professionals than others, reaching out toward a fiduciary advisor can give you an effective guideline of the services you are aiming to get.


Hiring a professional financial advisor that can help you manage your income and expenses properly can require commitment and organization. You will need to be ready to organize your finances and respond promptly to the suggestions of your advisors, If you are struggling to categorize your projects with a minimum financial impact, solutions for cloud storage in Canada can help you.

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