The 21st century love has been attached a lot with monetary giving and it has a lot of ties with monetary sacrifices. To many, if your partner isn’t spending much of their money (especially the man) then that person doesn’t care much about you.

Shawn and Drama will share their opinions on this subject in today’s edition of our Elcrema Sunday Love Special.


Do you have to spend? Yes, if you have the money. Do you have to spend a lot? No, even if you have a lot. Love is a feeling, not a bank that has to be stuffed with money to keep it going. You only need make the right emotional investments to keep love going. It’s not really about how much, but how well and genuine a gesture is. It wouldn’t mean anything to a person if you buy them diamonds, yet you cheat on them all the time, but a faithful partner who buys their better half something as little as a love card would be well appreciated.

So it’s not really about money, it’s about the right emotional investments. Stay faithful to your partner, respect them, be there always, understand them (by paying attention of course) – that’s the right emotional investment.

I won’t pretend that money wouldn’t make a relationship happier because obviously, ‘it answers all things’ like the good Book says. You can fix dates, buy gifts, take trips abroad to spice your relationship up if you have money, so it’s a plus, however, it’s not the primary thing love is built on. If the right emotional investments are in place, and you don’t have all the money to spoil your partner always, they’d understand, and it wouldn’t change how they feel about you, but it becomes sad and appalling when you have and don’t spend it on them.


There’s a huge misconception regarding money and love and this has led a lot of people to the wrong relationship and even marriage.

Giving is an important part of love and the two of them cannot be separated. When you are in love, you find yourself giving one way or the other. You could give your time, love, affection, support, care and even money.

However, a lot of people have lost true love simply because they were all too keen on monetary giving and the value of monetary gift items. A lot have even ended up with the wrong partner who didn’t love them because of this misconception.

A person can spend so much on you and not really love you, and if you are all too keen on money and spending, you’d only fall a prey.

The quantity someone gives to you isn’t really what matters but the heart it’s being given with. The heart attached to the giving is ten times more valuable than the worth of what’s being given.

But yes, it’s paramount that love and giving goes hand in hand, and money and monetary items shouldn’t be what you solely use to judge.


That’s our take on today’s edition of Elcrema Sunday Love Special. Do share with us what you think on this subject.