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A relationship should feel like a home; it should have this feeling of warmth and comfort, it should be different and most importantly there should be love; these would make a relationship feel like home.

When you are in a relationship where you feel loved and always want to be with your partner then you are in a relationship where you feel at home.

Not all relationships have this ‘home’ feeling which is the best feeling you can get in a relationship. In some relationship what exist are fear, dejection, hatred, intolerance, quarrels, fights and argument, troubles and loads of troubles. These attributes in a relationship would definitely not make you feel at home.

When the thought of seeing your partner doesn’t send a tingle of joy and anticipation down your spine then you just might not be at home in your relationship.

Like we all know, not every house is a home; same way in relationships; not every relationship can be called a relationship. If you don’t feel peace, if you don’t feel loved, if you don’t have that rest of mind then your relationship definitely isn’t home to you.

Some relationships starts out to be like the typical Romeo and Juliet love story, but it doesn’t always continue that way; after months or sometimes years, the table turns around; love is replaced with hate, anger overshadows tolerance, ignorance replaces care, and the once adored relationship becomes a shadow of its former self.

Your relationship affects your personal life whether you like it or not. When your relationship is heading the right way you would have this ‘life is good’ feeling; but when the table is turned around, even your personal life won’t be at peace.

How do you feel when you’re with your partner? Do you feel at home in your relationship? No one can answer this question but you; but you should know that you ought to be in a relationship where you feel at home.


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