holding hands

Holding hands with your partner might seem ordinary, but it never is. Many couples might think it’s quite unnecessary to hold hands or it’s an act for teenagers who newly fall in love.

It’s always good to see couples holding hands — it sends various positive signals.

For starters, it shows you’re comfortable with your partner, and when couples are comfortable with each other, every other aspect of the relationship would definitely improve. In a way, holding hands provide that security check (even though it’s little); when your partner is comfortable holding your hands in public, it means to a certain extent he isn’t romantically involved with anyone around the area. Men who are players avoid this form of PDA by all means.

Holding hands also signifies friendship, love, care, understanding, affection, and attention… and it’s also cute. That’s why a couple holding hands would catch everyone’s fancy when compared to couples just walking side by side — this shows that there is just something more about couples who use this form of PDA.

It even comes with its health benefits. A study conducted by University of Virginia psychologist, Dr James Coan found that there are hidden benefits in the fingers. His research revealed that holding hands with your partner reduces stress levels. He analysed 16 women who were happily married, and placed them in stressful situations while monitoring their brains with F.M.R.I machine. He administered an electric shock to each of them and then monitored their brain’s response to stress when the women held a stranger and when they held their husbands. The women had a lower stress level when they held their husbands hands. This shows that holding hands with your partner would even reduce stress levels.

Take time out to have a stroll with your partner, with your hands locked in together, and even while you’re home together, lock those hands. It comes with extraordinary benefits; there is magic in those hands, join them with your partner’s and enjoy an even better relationship.