Dating probably seems an easy thing to handle, but while that may be the case with you, it probably isn’t with someone else. It is alarming how many young people lack common dating knowledge and etiquette. However, hopefully, by the time you’re done with this post, you’ll be better off than you were.

1. Try not to look at your phone more than your lady during on a date. It’s disrespectful to do that, and creates the impress you’re not serious.

2. Resist temptation to talk about the size of your bank account or how much your family is worth; it could put her off and make it look like you’re joking.

3. Do not smell bad. Brush and wash yourself thoroughly always.

4. It is very disrespectful to ask a woman if she’s a virgin.

5. Don’t ask her how many guys she’s been with; her body count shouldn’t be that much a big deal.

6. If she’s going to pay for the movie or dinner, let her know in advance, don’t chicken out at the last minute after she would have put her hope on you.

7. When your phone rings on a date and you’re asked where you are, don’t give a degrading response like, “I’m with that sexy chick”, women don’t like that.

8. Do not insist she comes to your place on the first date – this just makes you seem desperate for her body.

9. It is inappropriate to leave your date to talk to another lady for more than a minute.

10. Try not to over impress her with gifts so doesn’t think you’re trying to buy her over.

11. If for any reason, someone else needs to be in the car, don’t put her in the back seat.

12. Avoid comparing her to your ex. She’s most likely nothing like that.

13. Don’t talk about her weight or hair in a negative manner. Humans are sensitive.

14. Try not to make sounds with your mouth while eating. Don’t talk while there’s food in your mouth, and try not to attempt something you’re not good at.

15. Try not to make the date about her boobs. Keep your eyes on her face.

16. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Avoid borrowing someone’s car or house to pretend you own them. Ladies can tell fake from real, and even if she doesn’t tell from the first date, you might be forced to live a fake life forever.

17. Don’t be too touchy on a first date.

18. Don’t disrespect the waiters in a bid to impress her. No one likes arrogance.

19. Don’t ask her for money.

20. Don’t ask for pictures unless she offers.